Electronics and Communication Engineering Program 2016

Curriculum Applicable for Admission Batch 2016 and Onward

The curriculum adopts a project based learning pedagogy and has integrated theory and practical components with an aim of championing a more effective approach towards learning

Semester 1 : 20 credit and 27 contact hours

Calculus 1

Introduction to Computer Programming

University Physics : Mechanics

Rhetoric and Composition

Introduction to Engineering Design

Electrical and Electronics Workshop






Semester 2 : 17 credit and 23 contact hours

Calculus 2

Data Structure and Algorithms

University Physics : Electricity and Magnetism

MATLAB for Engineers

rinciples of Microeconomics


Semester 3 : 19 credit and 23 contact hours

Introduction to Differential Equations

University Physics : Optics and Quantum Physics

Digital Logic

Introduction to electrical and Electronic Circuits

Effective Speech





Semester 4 : 21 credit and 25 contact hours

Probability and Statistics

Applied Linear Algebra

Complex Analysis

Microelectronic Circuits and Devices

Circuit Theory

Principles of Macroeconomics




Semester 5 : 19 credit and 25 contact hours

Signals and Systems

Design with Analog Integrated Circuits

Electromagnetic Waves 1

Control Systems

Environmental Studies


Semester 6 : 23 credit and 34 contact hours

Computer Organisation and Architecture

Digital Signal Processing

Communication Systems 1

Analog Filter Design

Introduction to Information Theory

Electromagnetic Waves 2






Semester 7 : 13 credit and 17 contact hours

Communication Systems 2

Digital Filter Design

Technical Writing

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Engineering





Semester 8 : 18 credit and 28-30 contact hours

Senior Design Project

Departmental Elective 1

Departmental Elective 2

Semester 1 : Required Textbooks

Early Transcendentals by Stewart

How to Solve it by Computer by Dromey

A Laboratory course for programming in Java by Dale

Critical Thinking and Communication by inch

University Physics by Young and Freedman

Product Design by Otto and Wood

Make : Electronics by Platt

Make : More Electronics by Platt

Make : Analog Synthesiser by Wilson

Make : Getting Started with Arduino by Banzi and Shiloh

Make : Android Bots and Gadgets by Karvinen

Semester 2 : Required Textbooks

Early Transcendentals by Stewart

C by Example by Kalicharan

How it solve it by computer by Dromey

University Physics (Vol 2) by Young and Freedman

MATLAB for Engineers by Chapman

Principles of Economics by Mankiw

Semester 3 : Required Textbooks

Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems 

by Penney and Edwards

University Physics by Young and Freedman

Digital Logic and Computer Design by Mano

Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits

by Agarwal and Lang

The Art of Electronics Student Manual by

Hayes and Horowitz

The Art of Public Speaking by Lucas

Semester 4 : Required Textbooks

Probability and Statistics by Walpole and Myers

Linear Algebra and its applications

by Gilbert Strang

Complex Variables by Albowitz

Microelectronic Circuits by Smith

Laboratory experiments to accompany microelectronic

circuits by gaudet and smith

Fundamentals of electric circuits by alexander and sadiku

Principles of Economics by Mankiw

Semester 5 : Required Textbooks

Signals and Systems by Chaparro

Design with Operational Amplifiers and Analog

integrated circuits by franco

Principles of Electromagnetics by Sadiku

Control Systems Engineering by Norman Nise

Environmental Studies by Erach Bharucha

Semester 6 : Required Textbooks

Computer Organisation and Design

by Henessey and Patterson

Signals and Systems using MATLAB by Chaparro

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory by Kumar

Modern Digital and Analog Communication

systems by Lathi

Modern Communication Systems using MATLAB

by Proakis

Analog Filter Design by Schaumann, Xiao

and van Valkenburg

An Introduction to information Theory by Pierce

Semester 7 : Required Textbooks

Modern Digital and Analog Communication

systems by Lathi

Modern Communication Systems using MATLAB 

by Proakis

Digital Filters by Hamming

Technical Writing by Gerson

Engineering Ethics by Harris, Pritchard and Rabins

Law Relating to Intellectual Property Rights by Ahuja

Semester 8 : Required Textbooks

Product Design by Otto and Wood

The Design of Everyday Things by Norman

Other Books as required by the chosen electives